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I was a typical 20-something year old, living and working in the city, checking off all of the boxes for society’s definition of “success,” but I was alarmingly discontent. Why? That was the biggest question on my mind. I soon realized that as I had aged, my personal definition of success had evolved. While I had the fortune of being financially secure, the lack of balance in my life encouraged me to spend all of my money on things rather than experiences. I took “treat yo’ self” to another level. Was I really Jimmy Choos-ing to fill the void in my heart with…things? I agree – fabulous, albeit futile.

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A passion project with global healthcare provider Partners in Health was my wake-up call. These folks devoted their lives to providing healthcare to some of the most destitute populations in the world. It was incredibly inspiring. It made me want to learn, to grow. I wanted to make a positive change in the world. Idealist? Perhaps. Did that deter me? Nope! I just needed to figure out a path that would allow for such personal and professional growth. It was time for a change; it was time to consume less and live more.

I soon after applied to and was accepted into a master’s of fine arts program. I packed my bags for Pleasantville, USA – where there were abundantly more cows and surprisingly, much, much less closet space. And as such, my decision to start the journey towards minimalism emerged partially from desire and partially from necessity. Less clutter, less stress, more joy. Sounds easy enough, right? I made a promise to myself to go on a retail moratorium; no purchasing of clothes or shoes for a year. As for all of the rest of it (beauty, skincare, food) – simplify, simplify, simplify and try to document the entire process.

To that end, I’m using this blog to capture what’s worked and what hasn’t in my minimalist journey. It’s been an interesting ride, and I can safely say that I’m much more content than I was a few years ago. If you’d like to hear about my experience, come along for the ride!

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