Plastic-free, Low-Waste Shower Routine

Gahhhh, I’m so bad with posting consistently…so, hai! As some of you may know from my previous posts, I’m making my way towards a plastic-free bathroom and wanted to share my current shower routine. I only wash my hair once or twice a week (and am still working through a plastic bottle of conditionerforgive me!), so this routine (sans hair wash) take about 10-15 minutes tops!

Dry body brush

Dry Brush: The first step of my daily routine is a thorough dry brush. It sloughs off all of the dead skin and wakes me up better than a pot of coffee! I accidentally dropped my old dry brush in water and it warped badly and got ruined; I picked up this natural bristle brush from Gute as a replacement, and it works great!

Bar soap on bamboo dish

Scrub-a-dub-dub: I’m currently working my way through a stash of Organic Bath Company’s bar soaps. This one is peppermint, and it’s crazy invigorating! These bars lather really well and don’t strip my skin. These babies come packed in recyclable paper packaging.

Gold safety razor

Shave: I don’t shave every day (thanks, winter😂), but when I do, I use this handy dandy safety razor. I purchased this beauty from Oui Shave a few years ago and will never go back to another plastic razor. It’s so gorgeous (and totally extra, I know) and does a great job of removing hair without irritating my skin. The blades are recyclable, and when I’m done with them, I store them in an old mint tin. Blade banks work great, too! Once I collect a large amount, I’ll likely find a blade buy back program/TerraCycle/or similar to recycle them.

Jar of Body Butter

Moisturize: I suppose this could be either step 3 or step 4 depending on if I decide to shave (this stuff is great for shaving!), but the last step in my routine is to moisturize. The Butter from She Plants Love is a great multitasker to have in the shower. I use it for shaving, moisturizing, and even in my hair. A little goes a long way, so I know this tub is going to last a long time.

What does your shower routine look like? Quick and easy? Slow and luxurious? Let me know! And if you have suggestions for a plastic-free and/or bar conditioner, I’m all ears!

FTC: This post is not sponsored. This post contains affiliate links. Organic Bath Company’s bar soap and She Plants Love The Butter were won in a giveaway.

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