Zero Waste Swap: Oui Shave Safety Razor

Update: Oui Shave has rebranded and is now Oui The People! While cosmetically different, their razors are similar to what I’ve reviewed below. Keep reading!

I did it. I took the plunge. I bought myself a big girl gold-plated safety razor. And if you’re thinking of what to get for the minimalist in your life this holiday season, this little shaving kit from Oui Shave just might be it!

Oui Shave safety razor on wooden board

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Quality over quantity: While you may have a bit of sticker shock in the beginning (I certainly did!), you’ll soon realize that the quality of this product merits the price. Did you know that women spend hundreds of dollars of disposable razors yearly? Yup, hundreds. With only a one-time cost incurred for a safety razor — this set was $85, and it came with a razor, shaving oil, and 4 replacement blades — you’ll just have to spend money on replacement blades. You can get a pack of 100 replacement blades for $9-10 on Amazon (that’s 9 cents a blade!!!). Over the course of a lifetime, it just makes financial sense, and I can safely say that it was worth saving for a few months and spending on quality!
  • Zero-waste: This shaving tool is made of gold-plated stainless steel. If that doesn’t last a lifetime, I don’t know what will. Its blades are made of stainless steel as well; they’re recyclable! You’ll get a great shave and make less waste. Cutting-edge, right???
  • Packaging: I meannnnn…look at the pretty! I know, I know – I’m completely seduced by this gorgeous product and its equally gorgeous packaging. And it’s ALL recyclable.

Ok, now to what REALLY counts: the performance of this razor. Yup, I’m talking the nitty gritty: razor burn, strawberry legs, ingrown hairs, and the general intimidation of using a safety razor. I’ll spare you photos of my hairy appendages and will instead provide a verbose explanation of my experience. 😂

Suffice it to say, I hate hair removal. I suffer from strawberry legs; you know, when the pores on your legs get dark and unseemly? On top of that, I have sensitive skin, get crazy razor burn, get inflamed ingrown hairs (dry brushing has helped a little), and have unbearable itching when my hair starts to grow back in. All in all, hair removal is such an awful experience that I’d rather clean the bathroom than shave – anything.

With that said, I was rather intimidated about using a safety razor. Would it hurt? Would I cut myself? Would it cause irritation? Turns out, it’s not so bad! I would recommend shaving after your shower when your pores are open and the hair is soft. I slathered a fair amount of oil on my legs underarms, and bikini line, and gently went over these areas with the blade. Be sure to use little to no pressure; the weight of the razor does the work. Unlike multi-blade razors, I noticed little to no pulling of the hairs. This, in turn, led to almost no irritation of my skin. I was really surprised that I didn’t have razor burn either. I think, perhaps, it was the combination of the razor and the oil.

The first few days after the shave, I saw little to no irritation. When my hairs started to grow back in on my legs, I noticed some itching but nothing like when I shave with a multi-blade razor. I noticed a couple of ingrown hairs, but no notable inflammation and pain. My underarms were just fine  – no itching, no razor burn, no ingrown hairs, smooth sailing when my hairs started to grow back. As for my bikini line, the verdict is still out. I noticed a little bit of itching and it’s tbd about regrowth/ingrown hairs. I’ll be sure update this post! Overall, I must say, this shaving experience was much, much better than I’ve had in the past. I’m kind of looking forward to my next shave.

Finally, if I were to change anything about this kit, I’d say this:

  • Performance:

    • The only thing I dislike about this type of shaving is that you have to take your time and go slow. Perhaps I’ll get faster with time, but I’d still have to factor in the time of disassembling and cleaning the razor after each use. I’m sure I could go without cleaning it every single time I use it, but I’d rather not take that risk; I want to keep this razor for a lifetime!
  • Shaving oil:

    • A glass bottle would feel more luxurious than a plastic bottle. With that said, a plastic bottle in the shower is definitely less prone to breakage.
    • I was a little underwhelmed with the size of the shaving oil, as well. A bottle that’s a big larger in size would be nice at this price.
    • Lastly, while pleasant, the Santal aroma didn’t really smell like sandalwood to me. I’m, admittedly, picky about my sandalwood scents. Perhaps the Neroli or Lavender are a bit more spot on?
    • Oil is a GREAT pre-shave prep for the skin, but it makes cleaning the razor a bit more cumbersome. I might end up using the shaving oil as a moisturizer and use a cream, foam, or soap for shaving. We’ll see!

Phew! Well, I hope this review gave you a clear idea of the Oui Shave razor set. Even with my skepticism and nitpicking, I really like the Oui Shave. I would definitely recommend this razor for anyone who is in the process of going zero-waste, looking to switch up their shaving routine, or just add a little luxury to their life this holiday season!

FYI: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the Oui Shave myself.

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