5 Zero Waste Stores That Will Help You Make Less Trash

Leading a zero-waste lifestyle can seem pretty daunting. Often times, a zero-waste or low-waste lifestyle is presented with a veneer of privilege and perfection. Attempting to make sustainable swaps is unappealing when this kind of lifestyle seems inaccessible. Those seductive images of perfectly matched, newly purchased mason jars and bamboo cutlery are just that—seductive.

Buying something is inherently paradoxical to living a low-waste lifestyle. That’s just silly…and wasteful. I’m all for reusing what you currently have, even if it’s plastic! The goal of going zero waste, of course, is to reduce consumption, isn’t it? It’s an opportunity to redefine our relationship with stuff.

With all of that in mind, we do have necessities that we need to buy, whether that’s soap or toothpaste. Here are a few shops, in no particular order, that can help you be more conscious with your purchases. Also, don’t feel stuck by perfection; be perfectly imperfect with your “make less waste” journey!

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting compensated to mention any of these stores. There are some affiliate and referral links in this post. If you found this post useful and choose to use them, I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

Package Free

Started by Lauren Singer, this NYC-based store offers everything from bathroom goods to zero-waste kits. And the best news? Package Free offers worldwide shipping. For $10 off your first $40 purchase, click on the button below!

Image credit: Package Free

Teal Stasher bag being washed in a sink

Life Without Plastic

Offering plastic-free essentials since 2006, Life Without Plastic offers over 450 unique products for living a life with less plastic. They also work with a wonderful team from around the world. How cool is that?

Image credit: Life Without Plastic

A cup of tea with a reusable tea bag

Zero Waste Store

Zero Waste Store is another store that offers a variety of product options from clothing to composting systems. They’re also carbon neutral and give back! Like Package Free, Zero Waste Store also offers a rewards program.

Image credit: Zero Waste Store

shampoo and conditioner bars

Wild Minimalist

Started by couple Lily and Max, Wild Minimalist seeks to make it easier for people to begin their journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle. As noted on their website, Wild Minimalist does this by “vetting the best quality products, partnering with sustainable businesses and shipping purchases in recyclable or compostable packaging.”

Image credit: Wild Minimalist

zero waste objects on a table filled with different foods

Eco Roots

A small business based out of Colorado, Eco Roots motto of “low waste products for a better you” is reflected in their curated selection of goods. They offer products made in-house and goods sourced from other small businesses. They offer free shipping for orders $45 and above, too!

Image credit: Eco Roots

Zero waste store Eco Roots toothbrushes with flowers in the background

Where are you in your journey? Do you have any favorite stores that aren’t on this list? Comment below!

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