Thayer’s Cucumber Aloe Witch Hazel

Ok, I’ll admit it — I’m a sucker for a bargain, especially a beauty bargain. Don’t you feel like you’ve just won the lottery when you’ve stumbled upon an affordable, effective, and multipurpose beauty goodie?

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Well, witch hazel is a beauty bargain for the ages! Witch hazel is a plant whose leaves, bark, and twigs are used to make medicine. As a medicinal plant, it can be used topically for its astringent qualities, as well as ingested for various ailments. I use it topically, and I’m partial to the brand Thayer’s because the company is local, their product is alcohol-free, and they’ve been producing witch hazel for over 2 centuries (that’s right, centuries!). Their packaging is impossibly cute to boot, too. While typically there are no side effects to using witch hazel, I would suggest spot testing to ensure that you don’t have any negative/allergic reactions to it. And as always, for my pregnant friends out there, consult with your doctor!

Here’s one of my favorites: Thayer’s cucumber witch hazel 

So here’s the good stuff/my top 5 uses for witch hazel:

  • TONER — Witch hazel is a fantastic astringent and is gentle enough to use every day. I dampen a cotton pad and swipe it across my face after cleansing. I notice that my skin is better able to lock in moisture when I use witch hazel to tone.
  • POST-SHAVE ASTRINGENT — Anyone out there get razor burn, itching, strawberry legs after shaving? They’re all the worst! The absolute worst! While witch hazel doesn’t cure these issues, its anti-inflammatory properties do provide some well-needed relief from the razor burn rage.
  • BUG BITE BANISHER — This is stuff is amazing on bug bites. Spray it on the itchy area, and the temptation to claw at your bug bite will vanish. So soothing…
  • UNDER-EYE DESIGNER BAGS — While I do love my designer under-eye bags, I just as eagerly like to store them away. I often cut my cotton rounds in half, soak them in witch hazel, and place them under my eyes. Just be sure not to get any in your eyes. Treat yo’ self!
  • COOLING MIST — A spritz or two on a hot summer day is like eating funfetti on your birthday – delicious.
  • ONE-INGREDIENT MASK — For those lazy days where you still need a bit of pampering, soak several cotton rounds in a bowl of witch hazel and place on your face as a mask. Discard cotton rounds once the witch hazel has completely soaked into your skin. Look triumphantly at your gorgeous face in the mirror and smile.

Do you use witch hazel? How do you use it? Sharing is caring! #ladysecrets. Mocha minimalist out!

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