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If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that I’ve been sharing my favorites of 2019 throughout the month of December. If you’re looking for a place where you can find all my favorites for the year, you’ve found it. Products are listed in no particular order, and I hope you enjoy!


Magenta Foreo Luna Mini in a pool of bubbles on a black background

I think I may have been the last one to hop on the Foreo train, but I’m so glad I did! I don’t purchase facial tools often, but my Clarisonic kicked the bucket after a faithful 12 years of service this year.

I wanted to find a replacement facial device that required much less up-keep. Enter the Foreo Luna Mini. After stalking prices online for months, I stumbled upon this baby at T.J. Maxx for $40. Forty dollars. WHAT. I’ve been using this device since June, and I LOVE it. Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to charge (1 charge holds for 6 months), this device is as gentle as it is effective. And last but not least, how bleeping cute is it?!

Do I use this every day? Nope. I only use it when my skin needs an extra bit of cleaning. It’s so gentle on my sensitive skin, however, that I’m sure I could use it every day. Their eye care tool, Iris, is next on my wishlist.


Ilia liquid liner and box on black background

I’ve been on the hunt for a greener, quick-drying eyeliner that would stay put on my greasy eyelids all day—and! I was skeptical when Ilia sent this over to me because nothing stays for a full day on my eyelids. Nothing. What a pleasant surprise it was to see how well it worked! Its firm yet flexible tip makes drawing cat eyes a joy. This is now my go-to liquid liner.


Open La Coess box with facial oil bottle inside

There are products that I love and finish very quickly and others that I save because they’re so precious. La Coéss Revitalisé Organic Face Oil is the latter. I first saw this beautiful product on my friend’s Instagram page, and immediately fell in love. When Sophie, its co-founder, gifted me her product, I was even more enamored.

With meticulous attention paid to both packaging and ingredients, La Coéss Revitalisé Organic Face Oil is stunning in every sense of the word. A mix of 15 potent botanicals, this oil adds a little bit of luxury into your daily routine. La Coéss is also USDA, OTCO organic certified, vegan, and cruelty-free certified. It doesn’t make the cut for essential oil-free, if that is one of your qualifiers for skincare (or if you have a sensitivity to essential oils). The oil’s viscosity is on the thinner side and sinks quickly into the skin. I only need two drops to moisturize my face; any more than that is too much for my combination skin. I’ve only been using it at night and have been pleasantly surprised to wake up to plump skin. Another woman-owned small business for the win! Visit my blog post for a more detailed review!


meow meow tweet skin cream open bottle on black background

It’s not often that I empty a product soon after I receive it. This skin cream from Meow Meow Tweet is one of those products. A wonder cream packed with oils and butters like tamanu, rose, and pumpkin seed, it was an easy solution to all my dry skin woes.

I used this on my face and body, and it worked beautifully on both. A little goes a long way, so I would suggest started with a dime-sized amount or smaller depending on your skin type—mine is oily-combo. For those of you who find coconut oil comedogenic, guess what? This product is free of coconut oil!

Meow Meow Tweet is also committed to sustainability and clearly outlines how you can dispose of their product packaging on their website:

Glass Jar: refill, repurpose, or recycle

Aluminum Lid: refill, repurpose, or recycle

Seal: return to Meow Meow Tweet for Terracycling

Paper Box: repurpose, recycle or compost

This brand also offers a bulk refill program. And it’s woman-owned. And if you needed another reason to love this brand, their products use cruelty-free and vegan. Needless to say, it was pretty easy to love all things Meow Meow Tweet!


live botanical open jar on dark background

Looking to scrub-a-dub-dub your worries away? You can do that with this delicious body scrub. With ingredients like raw sugar and raw cacao butter, you’ll have to hold yourself back from eating it. It smells like a dream and works even better!

Live Botanical recently underwent a gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) rebrand. If you purchase this product, you will receive different packaging than is pictured here.

What made me purchase Live Botanical was its maker, Carolyn. The dedication to her craft, commitment to a more sustainable society, and passion for social justice issues made it a no-brainer for me to support her brand. Another woman-owned brand for the win! For a detailed review, please visit my blog post!


Odacite Bioactive Rose Gommage open jar pink gel texture

I had the pleasure of trying Odacité’s Rose Gommage through a giveaway, and I must say, it’s one of the most unique products that I’ve tried this year.

A French spa favorite, a gommage is a resurfacing treatment that erases dead skin. Brushing the mask on the skin and peeling it away was a new skincare experience for me. There was a period of trial and error to get this right (more on my blog if you’re interested), but it was well worth it. This homage is gentle yet effective and smells like roses! I’m thrilled that this was my introduction to gommage. I’m looking forward to trying more products from  Odacité. More on my blog post if you’re interested!


Ranavat Jasmine tonique black bottle on black background

While this isn’t technically a 2019 discovery, Ranavat’s Jasmine Tonique will always be a perennial favorite. I will forever be in awe of how Michelle managed to capture and bottle the majesty of the jasmine flower. If you’re a mist enthusiast and lover of jasmine, you’ll probably empty as many bottles as I do!

Jasmine has been touted as a natural remedy for stress, anxiety, and fatigue—to name a few of its benefits. The aroma is full-bodied but not overwhelming; it’s sweet but isn’t cloying. Simply put, t’s a jasmine lover’s dream.

I can’t help but thank Michelle for sharing the extraordinary beauty rituals of our Indian culture with the world!


three bar soaps in pink, gray, and cream on a dark background

When lovely Kristina reached out to me with an introduction to her brand, I couldn’t help but be captivated by it. A botanical-based apothecary that offers small-batch, handmade products, Rose and Water is a woman-owned, cruelty-free business with a commitment to sustainability (read: the majority of her packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable!).

Since I’m working towards a plastic-free bathroom, I jumped at the chance to try her soaps. The soaps featured here are eucalyptus and rhassoul clay, geranium and french rose clay, and tea tree and bamboo charcoal. They’re creamy, lather surprisingly well, and leave you feeling clean without stripping the skin. I’ve already made my way through all of these soaps, and I’d have to say my favorite is the geranium and french rose clay. It’s great for sensitive skin, and transports you to a garden in full bloom.


Sahajan Skincare brown bottles on black background with adjacent white flower buds

I’m not a fan of cleansing oils, but this product from Sahajan changed my mind completely! Sahajan, the Hindi word for intuitive, is based on 5,000-year-old Indian mind-body practice called Ayurveda.

This emulsifying cleanser is gentle and effective. It cleanses without stripping my skin and removes even the most stubborn makeup in a flash!

Sahajan’s belief in Ayurveda goes as far as to back their claims using laboratory testing to evaluate the efficacy of their products. They also use independent third-party lab review of all claims and perception studies whereby “neutral clinical organizations measure the experience of people using their products.”

And you know how much I love a woman-owned small business…so guess what? This is both!


she plants love the butter held in hand on a dark background

She Plants Love The Butter: it’s a beautiful multipurpose product that you can use as a body moisturizer, on your nails, as a hair mask, and as a frizz control pomade. It smells like a lavender dream! It’s also a small business and a WOC owned brand. I had the chance to try this beautiful product through a giveaway, and I’ll be repurchasing it in the future!

That’s all, folks! I hope you’ve all had a productive 2019 and wishing you all the very best in 2020!

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to use these affiliate links, Mocha Minimalist receives a small commission at no extra cost to you!

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