Okra Hair and Face Mask

It’s Food on Your Face Friday! Is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing! Who am I kidding — I’m willing to put food on my face any day of the week, especially when it’s as nutritionally rich as okra.

Jam-packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, and thiamine, okra offers a number of health benefits when ingested. Okra is also effective when used topically and makes for a fantastic one-ingredient face or hair mask.

Extremely moisturizing and helpful with hyperpigmentation issues, okra is great for everything from encouraging hair growth to curbing acne — nothing medi-okra about that!

I like to cut up my okra and boil it in water for about 20 minutes to encourage mucilage secretion — you know, that slimy goo. Mucilage is made of sugar residues and proteins, and its viscosity increases with heat. Be careful not to overcook it, as you want to retain as much nutritional content as possible.

I then strain the okra to separate the gel. Finally, I add a spoonful of oil to the mix; I use either sesame or alma oil for an okra gel hair mask and jojoba if I’m using the gel for a face mask. I store any leftover okra gel in the fridge for about a week.

Have you tried using okra in your beauty routine? Comment below!

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