3 Ayurvedic Beauty Brands That Need to Be on Your Top Shelf!

As a person of Indian heritage, I’m inextricably drawn to Ayurvedic beauty brands—particularly to WOC-owned Ayurvedic brands. They often remind me of beautiful moments in my childhood and the influential wisdom of ancient therapies in the modern age. New to Ayurveda? These brands serve as the most beautiful introduction to this ancient Indian mind-body modality.

To that end, as the wellness industry capitalizes on the wisdom of these ancient traditions, it, often, erases the cultures from which it borrows. What can we do to prevent cultural erasure and honor the cultures that inspire these movements? By supporting brand owners from those communities. Here are a few South Asian woman-owned beauty brands that deserve a permanent spot on your top shelf!

South Asian woman-owned Ayurvedic beauty brand Ranavat Jasmine tonique black bottle on black background,


Born out of a love for sharing ancient family traditions, RANAVAT’S founder, Michelle Ranavat, does an inspiring job of incorporating traditional Ayurvedic ingredients into her refreshingly modern formulations. If you love products that have a carefully curated and uncomplicated, but potent, ingredient list, RANAVAT is for you. While I adore a number of products from this line, the Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser is my current favorite! Get 10% off your first order of $50!

South Asian woman-owned Ayurvedic beauty brand Sahajan Beauty Oil on wooden countertop


Sahajan, the Hindi word for intuitive, is based on 5,000-year-old Indian mind-body practice called Ayurveda. When I first discovered Sahajan Skincare a few years ago, I was immediately drawn to its Ayurveda inspired formulations, beautiful packaging, and commitment to philanthropy. Lisa, Sahajan’s founder, has an inspiring story, which pairs beautifully with her products: this brand’s oil cleanser is hands-down my favorite oil cleanser.

South Asian woman-owned Ayurvedic beauty brand Taila's Nayana Eye Balm on black background amidst dried roses


Shadoh, Taïla’s founder, created her brand to empower the skin’s natural healing process through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. She deeply treasures what the botanical world has to offer, and it’s clear to see that influence in her beautiful formulations. I’ve been enjoying many of their products, including the Nayana Eye Balm shown here.

Have you had a chance to try these Ayurvedic beauty brands? Do you love them?

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